Ride the Puddles

Time / Distance

Posted by bikezilla on July 25, 2009

Today was “1 – 2 hours at race pace”.

I’m naming my bike prematurely, because I don’t have enough things in my life to regret.

So, “Kelly” it is. Yes, like Kelly Clarkson, who I was forced to dump so that I could date GF. Expect and angry song about it on her next CD.

I’ve been disappointed with my performance at Waterfall Glen during this training segment, and frustrated because that trail layout makes it tough to get within my time range without pushing beyond what I know I can accomplish physically.

The Illinois Prairie Path is less demanding physically, and easier to manipulate for time and distance. So that’s where I headed today. I figured that on a day where the big dogs suffered insanely up Mount Ventoux during Stage 20 of the Tour de France, it was only cosmic balance for me to take the easy way out.

I aimed for a ride I know is about 20 miles, expecting to come in somewhere right between 1-2 hours. It came out beautifully.

But damn, Kelly’s gearing is still so much tougher than skanky ho bike Jen’s. I’m missing my triple crankset, but hoping the double will push me in a way that allows me to get stronger faster.

I pushed hard and finished strong. Very happy with today’s ride.


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