Ride the Puddles


Posted by bikezilla on July 24, 2009

The Mountain bike (skanky ho bike, Jen), is on the trainer for good (or at least until I get the road bike), so that’s what I rode for intervals today.

Normally I try to hold a certain cadence (160’s for 30 second intervals, 140’s for 1 minute intervals, 120’s for 2 minute intervals), but try to push it up to the next 10’s for the final few seconds. Until now Ive been ok with letting it drop 5 RPMs below my target range for any interval.

Today I concentrated on maintaining my goal througout, with mostly good results. I held true on everything except the final 30 seconds. Since I couldn’t make it, I tried to push to match the max RPMs from my warm-up accelerations (204 RPMs today) but fell short (190 RPMS).

I was equally proud of myself for succesfully multitasking. I was riding to my limits while simulatneously MFing skanky ho bike, whining about the pain in my legs and lungs, and wishing for death 5oo times each per second.

Overall a good ride, because I was better able to push through the agony of the final seconds of each interval to hold my goal RPM range.


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