Ride the Puddles

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Posted by bikezilla on July 19, 2009

Today was a day of good and bad fortunes.

After mixing 2 yr old liquid amino acids in with my homemade sports drink I spent 90% of my ride fighting puking, or fighting crapping my guts out, or both. My entire ride was a frantic run from wayside porta-potty to way-side porta-potty. Fun stuff.

In addition to that I got spanked by a sweet little old lady. Twice. Seriously. She was 70 if she was a day (and while she did have nasty old lady skin all over she also had some great cycling muscle-tone beneath it). She cruised by me once, took a little detour, cruised by me again, then took another detour, came out ahead of me and snickered mockingly at me as she drove by in the opposite direction. I was going to taunt her, but I was afraid she’d turn around and spank me again. Biatch, and hench forward to be known as Bad Ass Old Lady, or BAOL.

I do feel,  however, some measure of satisfaction in the fact that I completely toasted another old lady and then and old man, both of which were barely able to keep their own bikes upright.

Just to put an exclamation point on it all, I also blew by a guy in a wheelchair.

But wait, it gets better. I’m humping along, actually pretty proud of my speed near the end of my ride, when two kids on mountain bikes, wearing sandles, smoked me. Sure, it was on a long, shallow down hill, and yeah, the did have to stop when the grade turned up to rest. But, I actually TRIED to catch them and even when I hit nearly 23 MPH I was barely gaining on them. Fockers.

It was even worse, because I had just dropped a guy that I’d passed who tried to overtake me but couldn’t. I was feeling quite smug until the kiddies rode by and cut me down at the knees.

There was a little good mixed in with the Godawful ugly.

Beat my last top speed (though not while climbing like last time) by nearly 3 MPH from last ride and even sick still beat the last overall time by .4 MPH.

As for the new bike, as I feared, going from a triple to a double really pushed me. I miss that small gear up front. But I’m hoping this will force me to get stronger faster.

Any shortcomings today were mine entirely. I spent 100% of the ride in the small gear up front and 70 – 80 % in the biggest gear in back. So while I may be riding at my own limits, I’m not even close to the bike’s limits.


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