Ride the Puddles

New Bike, Test Ride, Fit

Posted by bikezilla on July 16, 2009

Went back out to Waterfall Glen and was really happy with the results post-fit. Also enjoyed riding in a hard rain, the mud flying off my tires, coating me front and back from top to bottom.

The only hitch was that my new Cateyecyclometer went haywire in the rain and I can’t trust all of the ride numbers. For instance, it says that my max speed was 36.7 MPH. In my freakin’ dreams. It was making crazy jumps over the course of just a couple seconds, or reading nothing but a big, ugly zero, until the rain stopped and I removed it to blow off the water.  None of my previous cyclometers did that,not even the Cateye.

The good news is that Cateye did fix the issue that my other Cateye cyclometer has, which is that the locking tab breaks off in temps below 60F.

The solved that by removing the locking tabe completely, so that now you just have to press the unit into the cradle, and then push on the bottom to pop it out.

Not sure if I’ll ride again tomorrow, though I want to to try to get an accurate set of cyclometer readings.

There were times when I felt like I needed to move my cleats forward a bit, and other where I felt like, no, they need to come back just a touch, and still others when I thought that it was clear they’re in exactly the right position. So I’ll leave them where they are, since that seemed the consensus feel.


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