Ride the Puddles

Time / Distance

Posted by bikezilla on July 12, 2009

Aimed for 4 hours and for 50 miles again today. Was a good ride, but I never felt quite as good today as I felt last week. Maybe that’s from riding harder yesterday than I did last Saturday. Or maybe it’s from pushing my RPMs just a little higher on my way out today than I did last week. Either way the overall result was a slower ride.

The two bright spots are that that my max speed (22.7 MPH) came on a climb in the final 1.5 miles and my acceleration over short distances is fantastic compared to where I was last year and even late in the ride.

Hopefully next week’s ride will be on a new Kona CX bike. I’m excited and anxious out it, because I expect my numbers to be better, but I’m still wondering how I’ll do going from a triple to a double chainring (the gears up front).


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