Ride the Puddles

Time / Distance

Posted by bikezilla on July 11, 2009

I just checked today’s ride vs were I was last year at this time on the same ride. I’m slightly ahead, though overall I’m quite a bit ahead. For instance, there’s no way I could have completed a 50 mile ride last year. I was struggling with 20.

Once I topped the five mile mark I felt pretty good today and kept feeling pretty good for the entire ride. This was probably the best I felt at the end of this particular route and certainly the strongest I’ve finished, if not ever than in a long time.

Changing the way I ride and train is paying off. By the time the end of October gets here I’ll be a stronger rider than I’ve ever been.

I like that this week is when thing started coming together, here. Because it is, I hope, my last time riding Jen. Next week I should have a new Kona of CX bike of one stripe or another.

I had wanted the Jake. I like that it has a triple crankset and that it has steel forks rather than carbon. It didn’t bother me much that it came with a Tiagra groupo, because I already have a Deore LX rapid rise rear derailleur for it.

But the Jake the Snake is on sale and I can, I think, afford it after the 15th. It’s got a double, and I’m not sure I’m ready for that, because I spend a lot of time in my smallest front gear. The carbon forks are ok, because they and the frame (aluminum) have lifetime guarantees, so I don’t have to pay to replace them if they break.


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