Ride the Puddles

Time / Distance

Posted by bikezilla on July 5, 2009

I’d planned on riding for about 3 hrs today and covering about 40 miles. One brain fart later and it turned into closer to 4 hrs and 50 miles.

I’d been nervous about 40. I hadn’t even hit 33 yet this year, not even on the trainer. But coach Levi’s advice about riding for time with not speed goals has been paying off for me and I felt good for the entire ride. Not strong, but good.

I usually take about five miles to warm up and try to ignore how I might feel until after that. I hit mile six feeling good, very loose, very strong. About the seven miles mark I hit my first climb and beat it like the ho that it is. A mile later I found myself tearing up the trail and had to remind myself not to burn up all my feel good early in the ride and leave myself suffering and barely able to finish at the end.

I won’t detail my total brain fart, except to say that if I wasn’t so pig-headed I’d have brought the map with me and probably saved myself some frustration.

Instead I figured out just before the 25 mile point that I had no idea how to get to where I’d hoped and no idea where that stretch of trail came out. So I just returned the way I came instead of making a circuit as I’d hoped.


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