Ride the Puddles

Distance / Time

Posted by bikezilla on June 27, 2009

This weekend the plan is to follow Coach Levi’s advice and take two rides, one 1 – 2 hours as if racing, the other 3 – 4 hours with no time goal.

Well, I know my endurance isn’t up to even an hour of “race” pace. So I went out to Waterfall Glen, a trail of about 9.6 miles (officially), did a 5.04 mile warm up at an average pace of 13.3 MPH, then one full circuit where I pushed myself, or hoped to and finished with an average speed of 13.9 MPH. The total time was about 65 minutes.

I’m really disappointed with where I am regarding endurance, though I’m pretty happy with my leg strength and climbing. Topping 14 MPH should not be a problem right now, even on longer rides. Yeah, Waterfall Glen is not a beginners trail, so my time is slower than it would be on the IPP, but it still pisses me off.


Tomorrow I plan 3 hrs or so on the IPP beginning out in Wheaton off of Carlton rd. Hopefully I’ll get our early so the heat is not too bad.


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