Ride the Puddles


Posted by bikezilla on June 25, 2009

Monday I switched from big gear climbing, which is good for building strength but not so good for building real climbing skills and endurance, to simply climbing.

The intent was to do it quickly, accelerting as I would if I were racing someone.

The reality was that I thanked God and all his angels that there was no one to race.

Holy keerap, I blew chunks. No, I was a chunk.

The first two times up I was lucky to just keep my legs churning. Ok, fine, those were the warm up climbs.

The next one was a little better, finished out in a harder gear, put on a little speed (not a sprint, it was too laughable for that) but what little bit of push I had into the last hundred yards.

Third time up I finished in my hardest gear.

And that’s the end of the good news.

My goal starting out was eight times up, which is what I’d be doing on “big gear” days.

After climb four my legs were trembling and I mostly just wanted to fall over on the side of the trail and puke till my guts popped out of my mouth and I died.

The higher cadence of the my normal climb (usually 100 – 110) kicked my sweet butt from pedal stroke one, with my lungs barely able to meet the need for oxygen.

It was, to be kind, pathetic.

Big gear climbing for three weeks did help my leg strength, but neglected my breathing and endurance, and I’m paying for that now.

Jen, I hate you and I can’t wait to ride you again.


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